A transparent, bespoke methodology

We study your business and human landscapes.

We draw up your action plan.

We deploy your new architecture and bring it to life.

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Change management

We focus on all the human aspects of your transformation, to help you to plan it, implement it and make it sustainable. Our aim is to put the right social architecture in place to support change in your organisation, ensuring that everyone has the right skills to be part of the project and make a positive contribution.

  • Exploration
  • Projection
  • Action
This initial phase involves assessing the human impact of your transformation project and mapping the associated social risks . We also identify the levers for engagement , and the existing obstacles within your company. Finally, we work with you to develop indicators of economic and human success that will then help us to manage your transformation.
If your company is facing problems with external growth or turnaround , we’re here to develop your social strategy . We can also advise you in terms of developing your organisation’s potential , or harmonising social issues with your staff representatives.
We offer operational assistance and coordination for your organisational changes, plus guidance and support for your complex and sensitive negotiations . We can also take care of managing information obligations and producing deliverables associated with your transformation projects.
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HR Expertise support

We can provide strategic and operational support to help you handle sensitive matters or even crisis situations. We can also help you implement new HR dynamics within your team. Our aim is to share our positive and human-centric view of HR, introduce new skills and attitudes within the HR team, and activate new levers of confidence, on both an individual and a company level.

  • Exploration
  • Projection
  • Action
To help us understand how the HR department operates, we begin by talking to the various stakeholders. We identify and map potential areas for improvement. Then we work with you to define the tools for measuring social performance so that the strategy we develop can be effectively managed.
Depending on your company needs, and the results of the exploratory phase, we can make recommendations in several areas: getting teams on board and enhancing the well-being of each individual, boosting the quality and the momentum of social dialogue, bringing the HR function and its architecture up to date, and reinforcing your company’s culture of commitment and social innovation.
If you so wish, we can assist with the operational implementation of the strategies we have defined and approved together. We can also help you with very specific aspects such as setting up staff representative bodies, drafting and signing agreements, designing a social agenda, or even conducting sensitive negotiations.
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Leadership coaching

We help your managers to adopt a responsible leadership approach that drives collective performance. Our aim is to stimulate the right levers for commitment and trust, to create an environment conducive to sustainable change and collective dynamics, and to encourage a managerial approach of co-construction, in order to steer profound changes in your company.

  • Exploration
  • Projection
  • Action
Our intervention begins with a listening phase. We then produce an inventory of your managerial practices and habits, including how they fit into the context of your company.
Based on this phase of dialogue and shared reflection, we first draw up a strategy to develop managers into social, agile, collaborative and responsible architect-leaders. We strengthen your managers’ communities to help them change their posture and role. Together, we rethink your approach to performance and the tools for measuring it, to unlock potential and boost collective commitment.
We manage and deploy new ways of working and organising. We develop coaching and training programmes for your managers in contexts of crisis and post-crisis, conflict, and reorganisation. We formalise new dynamics of goal setting for increased performance, and the associated measurement tools.
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